What is the Tuned 360 Hearing Profile?

Kate McGinley
2 min readApr 19, 2022

The Tuned 360 Hearing Profile is the world’s most validated online hearing workup. It’s a proven, 3 step process designed to provide a foundation for your ongoing hearing health. It forms the basis for any care and a successful lifetime of enjoying conversation, music and the world around you.

During the screening, an audiologist will lead you through three different screeners of hearing. Each is designed to focus on a different aspect of your hearing health.

The Questionnaire

You’ll be asked about your medical history. This is because your general health is linked to hearing, so these questions help identify any medical red flags in your body or auditory system. It acts as a safeguard for you.

The Digits in Noise Test

You’ll be asked to repeat some numbers that are played to you. This could be a single digit (i.e. 0) or it might be a series (i.e. 3–2–6). The test assesses your speech recognition capabilities and will detect certain degrees of hearing loss.

The Pure Tone Test

You’ll be played a series of tones, of varying pitch, frequency and loudness. This test seeks to identify the faintest sound you can hear, providing a quantitative profile of your hearing ability.

Once the test is complete you can expect some immediate feedback from the Audiologist. If your hearing is normal, then we can help keep it that way. This might include guidance on hearing devices and protection, or the proper use of what you currently use.

If your hearing shows signs of some issues, then we can offer guidance for further action. This might include recommending software, new headsets, or therapy to mitigate the effects of auditory disorders, such as ringing in the ears (tinnitus).

By completing the Tuned 360 Hearing Profile one of the most vital connections with the world around you is maintained. It means you can keep the music playing and the good times going. It means you’re Tuned to live life in full 360 Sound. Get your profile today by clicking here.



Kate McGinley

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